radical acceptance + self-love.

After chatting with a friend today about Radical Acceptance, I was intrigued to find out more. I often struggle with accepting my own reality (I've gained weight, I was late for an appointment, I made someone angry, I have to go somewhere I don't want to go) and spend a lot of time fighting it, ignoring … Continue reading radical acceptance + self-love.


when the days are long and hot.

So I have been pretty quiet on the blog. I've lost a bit of my motivation to write it because not many people are reading. I'm told to "write for myself" which yes, it great in theory, but we all know we like that people enjoy our writing and that it's making an impact. Due … Continue reading when the days are long and hot.

in a dark, ​dark cave: tyendinaga cavern and caves

Since moving to Ontario, I have been compiling a list of places to go, but one place that started this all was the Tyendinaga Caves and Caverns. If you don't already know about this place it's a must see! It is located in Belleville at 2623 Harmony Road. It stands as Ontario's oldest and largest … Continue reading in a dark, ​dark cave: tyendinaga cavern and caves

weekend round-up: aircraft & craft beer

Guess who's back. Back again. It's me and I'm a terrible rapper so I'll stop now. This weekend marked my first time ever attending an air show and let me tell you, it was AMAZING! I warned Chris and Matt that I would be making weird sounds (they're my childish excited sounds) when I see cool things happening, … Continue reading weekend round-up: aircraft & craft beer

stop and smell the flowers: farmers markets & lilacs

Last weekend was one of the first times in months that we didn't have our entire weekend planned, which is pretty rare. I'm not complaining! I love being busy, and I know when to take a break and just relax, but it was nice to just wake up on Saturday and drive wherever we felt like … Continue reading stop and smell the flowers: farmers markets & lilacs